May 30, 2017

Public learns how they're paying for national debt

April 13, 2010
KTRE (ABC East Texas)


Jeff Thiebert is the organization's national grassroots director. He was at Stephen F. Austin State University giving students one more thing to think about. He told them they're inheriting the national debt. "And ultimately, who is going to bear the burden of this? You guys," Thiebert said before a classroom of political science and economic majors.

Thiebert teaches people their pay check and future revolve around the nation's outstanding bills. This morning, the USA owed over 12.8 trillion dollars.

"It's important for them to know they have a place in this budget. They have a place in this economy and as their work-life progresses, they're going to face some challenges, " Thiebert explained.

That's something Thiebert says the nation can no longer afford. The options are pretty basic. " We're going to have to increase taxes, cut spending or borrow, borrow, borrow."