April 26, 2017

Teach in Your School

Run Concord's educational exercises in your class or suggest it to teachers at your students' schools. Concord's programming is designed around a classroom schedule, involves group work, and encourages discussion.

How It Helps

Today's students carry the most powerful voice in regards to America's fiscal future because it is their future.  The Concord Coalition's classroom presentations, exercises, and activities are meant to make the complexities of the federal budget understandable and accessible for students of all ages.



Put it on the agenda. Let your school's educators and administrators know that The Concord Coalition has educational programs available. In business, civics, economics, or other classes, look for parts of the curriculum that could be complemented by Concord's materials. You might even consider scheduling a lecture during school assembly. 


Review our resources. Consider the format of the class and think about the best tool for the job. Pick the one that works best for the size and length of your class.

See the list of resources on the right or follow this link: Grassroots Tools


Ask us to help. Our field staff can customize our materials and deliver them to you and your class. Let us know what you're teaching and how you'd like to include our organization so we can help plan the best way to integrate our tools with your lesson plan.