June 25, 2017

Share With Your Community

Bring attention to our nation's fiscal challenge by sharing Concord's materials with your community. Pass along our tools either online by e-mailing and posting on Facebook, in your area by leaving materials at a community center, or in person by mentioning Concord's educational resources at a PTA meeting.



Share in person. Strike up a conversation about the state of our federal budget.  Let your friends know that this a concern of yours and why it should be a concern of theirs. 


Share in your area. Print out our materials, make them available at your local community centers, and use them to focus in on the specifics of our long-term fiscal challenge. Make the tools available for people to teach themselves.


Share online. Whether by email, social networking sites, or blog comments and forums, share your interest in this issue through your online networks. Just as you would pass along an interesting article, or post pictures from your vacation, you should put your favorite Concord update or exercise out there by sharing it with your friends on the web.


Additional Tips

Here's a list of communities you might consider:

  • Religious institutions
  • Business or economic development groups
  • Civic organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis)
  • Seniors' centers
  • Coffee shops