May 27, 2017

Host an Event

Use Concord's materials to educate in your own community by bringing people together. Our tools can help with everything from an informal discussion about the federal budget over coffee to a full town hall meeting with your local elected leaders.



Pick your audience. Pick a set of people who you want to engage with during this event, whether its friends and family or the entire student body of a local university. This will give you a better idea of the space and resources you will need. You can schedule space at a community center, reserve a table at a restaurant, or clear out the living room; just make sure your group has a comfortable and convenient place for discussion.


Choose an activity. Review the tools listed on the right and determine which one best suits you and your audience. From videos to chart talks and hands-on group exercises, there is something for everyone. 


Ask us for help! While we design these tools for anyone to use, we are always available to help you plan your event.