April 29, 2017

Kelly Insurance Center

Date and Time:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 11:00am - 12:00pm

Attendance for this event is by invitation only.


In this presentation Dr. Imhof will explain the measurement and economics of the federal budget deficit: historical context, current levels and future projections (and components of those projections – including what makes the projections economically unsustainable).  Specifically, she will discuss short-term and long-term pressures on fiscal policy as well as the structural imbalances associated with the funding and benefit formulas for major entitlement programs.  She will clarify what deficit reduction options are essential for a strong economy and policy changes that have the potential to encourage bipartisan political support (e.g., comprehensive tax reform and strategic investment planning) and improve the long-term fiscal outlook of the nation.  Finally, she will conclude with a conversation about steps participants can take to be engaged towards a better fiscal future.

About Chart Talk Events:

Our chart talk features a Power Point presentation that details the nature of our nation's fiscal challenge using specific numbers and data based on the latest budgetary projections. The chart talk provides a clear overview of the issue, allowing subsequent questions and answers to focus more on details and potential solutions. Access our standard chart talk.