June 24, 2017

National Grassroots Director Speaks to High School Students at National Young Leaders Conference

Date and Time:

Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm


Sheraton Premiere Hotel
8661 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, VA 22182


National Grassroots Director Jeffrey Thiebert will discuss the fiscal challenges our nation faces and the need for leadership and involvement of young Americans.  

The National Young Leaders Conference (NYLC) in Washington, D.C. brings together the future leaders of America, mentoring and enriching our most promising high school students in a hands-on, experiential atmosphere while preparing them for a lifetime of leadership.

 NYLC gives high-achieving high school sophomores, juniors and seniors a greater understanding of their roles in democracy and the responsibilities of leadership. Learn more.



About Chart Talk Events:

Our chart talk features a Power Point presentation that details the nature of our nation's fiscal challenge using specific numbers and data based on the latest budgetary projections. The chart talk provides a clear overview of the issue, allowing subsequent questions and answers to focus more on details and potential solutions. Access our standard chart talk.