June 25, 2017

Financial Planning Association of Northeast Ohio hosts The Concord Coalition

Date and Time:

Thursday, May 19, 2011 - 4:00pm - 6:30pm


~A Discussion on the National Debt and the Fiscal Challenges to Our Community and Our Families~

Robert Bixby, executive director -- The Concord Coalition, will present to the Northeast Ohio Financial Planners Association; presentation to include challenges associated with the federal budget and long-term fiscal outlook.

4:00 PM – Networking reception with members of the FPA/NEO, the Concord
Coalition and community members.
5:00 - 6:30 PM – Presentation, Robert Bixby, Executive Director of the Concord Coalition will present “The National Debt and Federal Fiscal Challenges: an Overview” followed by Q&A.

Local community leaders are invited to attend.

Cost to attend: Members $15, Non-members $35, Full-time students: No Charge
(All reservations must be paid in advance of the program) - please see: http://fpaneomay19.eventbrite.com/

The Financial Planning Association of Northeast Ohio is an organization of financial planning professionals dedicated to preserving and growing the wealth of American families and the communities in which they live. With this event, the association strives to bring together thought leaders to discuss the national debt, public policy decisions and the effect those decisions have on the financial lives of individuals, families and the next generations.

About Chart Talk Events:

Our chart talk features a Power Point presentation that details the nature of our nation's fiscal challenge using specific numbers and data based on the latest budgetary projections. The chart talk provides a clear overview of the issue, allowing subsequent questions and answers to focus more on details and potential solutions. Access our standard chart talk.