June 23, 2017

Public Forum for Conference on Fiscal Stewardship

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Date and Time:

Monday, December 7, 2009 - 10:00am - 12:00pm


The Concord Coalition held its National Conference on Fiscal Stewardship on Capitol Hill -- open to the public --  to release a report on the first year of its Fiscal Stewardship Project. 

More Details:

The Fiscal Stewardship Project established advisory groups around the country to study the long-term fiscal and economic challenges facing the United States and to recommend possible solutions. They were designed to be models of civic engagement and to demonstrate to policymakers that Americans around the country are serious about fiscal responsibility, greater accountability in Washington, and policies that do not cheat future generations by saddling them with massive government debt. The project involved citizens in Atlanta, Denver, Iowa, Milwaukee, Northern California, Northern Virginia and Philadelphia. 

At this event, each council presented its findings and recommendations to cover a broad range of subjects including health care, Social Security, Medicare, federal deficits, tax policies, economic growth, problems with the congressional budget process and proposals for a bi-partisan fiscal stewardship commission. 

WHERE: Room 2226 of the Rayburn House Office Building