June 25, 2017

Policy Director to Speak on Panel for APSA Congressional Fellows

Date and Time:

Thursday, November 5, 2009 - 10:15am - 12:00pm

Attendance for this event is by invitation only.


Concord Coalition Policy Director, Joshua Gordon, will speak to the 2010 class of the American Political Science Association Congressional Fellowship Program. The panel will be titled "Do Deficits and Budgets Make a Difference?"

More Details:

About the APSA Congressional Fellowship Program:

"Founded in 1953, the APSA Congressional Fellowship Program is the nation's oldest and most prestigious congressional fellowship. More than fifty years later, the program remains devoted to its original objective of expanding knowledge and awareness of Congress.

For nine months, select political scientists, journalists, doctors, federal executives and international scholars gain "hands on" understanding of the legislative process by serving on congressional staffs. Through this unique opportunity, the Association enhances public understanding of policy-making and improves the quality of scholarship, teaching and reporting on American national politics.

When the American Political Science Association first established its fellowship, nothing like it existed.  Congress was largely a mystery to the average American and the ten-month fellowship offered an unprecedented opportunity for scholars and journalists to examine the institution's inner-workings.  The CFP has grown from its initial class of six to over 2,200 alumni.  Among the ranks of former Fellows are professors, reporters and columnists, editors, executives, politicians, Hill staffers, lobbyists, health care specialists, public policy advocates, sociologists, anthropologists, Native American tribal leaders, Federal domestic and foreign policy specialists, think tank veterans, international scholars, ambassadors, and even a vice president."