May 23, 2017


When faced with a challenge as complex as the nation's fiscal future, it can be easy to feel helpless and discouraged. The numbers involved can seem intractable and the problems may seem daunting. But there are things YOU can do to help America’s fiscal future!

One of Concord’s main goals is to stimulate honest discussions about federal finances that transcend partisan politics. We are determined to communicate with and empower American citizens to change the direction in which the country is headed.

The Concord Coalition can help you start this discussion with your neighbors, colleagues, and representatives. Whether you are interested in hosting an event, attending the Fiscal Wake-Up Tour, or contacting your representatives, Concord has staff and publications to support your initiatives.

It is easy to stay involved! Attend Concord events in your state, educate others, and join our social networks. 

Things You Can Do

Join Our Networks

Keep updated on the latest news and information about The Concord Coalition and the challenges facing the federal budget. Find other individuals who are interested in promoting fiscal responsibility, talk to your friends and neighbors, and use...

Teach in Your School

Run Concord's educational exercises in your class or suggest it to teachers at your students' schools. Concord's programming is designed around a classroom schedule, involves group work, and encourages discussion.

Host an Event

Use Concord's materials to educate in your own community by bringing people together. Our tools can help with everything from an informal discussion about the federal budget over coffee to a full town hall meeting with your local elected leaders...

Share With Your Community

Bring attention to our nation's fiscal challenge by sharing Concord's materials with your community. Pass along our tools either online by e-mailing and posting on Facebook, in your area by leaving materials at a community center, or in person by...

Write a Letter

Join our letter writing campaign. Write a letter to your elected representative or local newspaper explaining your thoughts on federal finances and the importance of fiscal responsibility.