April 30, 2017


Fiscal Stewardship Project Director


Jennifer has a law degree and 13 years of public policy experience at the local, state and federal level and now serves as Director of Concord’s Fiscal Stewardship Project. The project is a nationwide effort to engage citizens in the public policy choices involved in fixing the federal fiscal mess. Concord has set up seven Fiscal Advisory Councils around the country including San Jose, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, Northern Virginia, Des Moines & Milwaukee to get community input and “the voice of the people” on issues such as tax reform, long term entitlement funding, & healthcare reform to show policymakers back in Washington that the public not only cares about the federal fiscal situation but is willing to make the hard policy choices to fix it. The project will culminate with an event at the National Press Club in early December and visits with policymakers on Capitol Hill as well as deliver of the seven reports to the President and Congress.

Prior to her position at Concord which began in mid January of 2009, Jennifer was executive director of the Virginia Coalition for Open Government and Counsel to the US Senate Small Business Committee under then Chair Senator Olympia J. Snowe where she served as lead staff on budget and retirement issues and advisor to the Senator Snowe.

Jennifer came to Washington DC in January of 2003 at the invitation of former Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island to be his tax, budget and labor issues advisor.

Before coming to DC Jennifer was Deputy Director of the Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns where she served as lobbyist for local governments at the state level and developed membership services including a first ever annual convention, website development and work on an electricity aggregation program.

Jennifer began her work in public policy as a Rhode Island Senate Fiscal & Policy Fellow during law school in 1996. The competitive fellowship enabled her to get law school credit and a small salary in addition to working on state legislation and preparing recommendation memorandum for the Rhode Island Senate Leadership; a fortuitous combination for a poor law student who was interested in politics!

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