April 30, 2017


Senior Policy Advisor


Ben Ritz is the Senior Policy Advisor for The Concord Coalition, a nationwide, non-partisan organization dedicated to fiscal responsibility and reform. Ben provides Concord with expert analysis of recent trends in fiscal policy and of policy proposals by members of Congress and the new administration. He has published several dozen blogs and op-eds, many of which have been featured in national publications such as Politico, the Hill, and the Wall Street Journal.

Prior to joining Concord, Ben staffed the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Commission on Retirement Security and Personal Savings. Ben primarily aided in the development of the commission’s Social Security reforms, which would make Social Security fully solvent for 75 years and beyond while reducing old-age poverty by one-third of today’s levels, and its reforms to retirement-related tax expenditures. While at BPC, he also worked on other federal budget issues, including sequestration, budget process reform, and the federal debt limit.

Ben also served as Concord's Legislative Outreach Director before joining BPC. In this capacity, Ben was responsible for coordinating activities with members of Congress and other organizations promoting fiscal responsibility, as well as tracking legislation, organizing briefings, conducting policy research, and developing infographics to educate citizens about the federal budget.

Ben received his Master’s of Public Policy Analysis and a Graduate Certificate of Public Finance from American University in 2014, where he previously completed his undergraduate education.

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